We offer fun, exciting and disciplined classes for children. We set goals with our students and encourage them to achieve their goals. Kids martial arts classes at 5 Dragons focus on fitness, respect, goal setting for good grades, and confidence, all while making new friends. We teach traditional Kyokushin Karate with a modern life skills cur-riculum. We are an anti-bullying school!  
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If you are seeking championship level training or wish to learn to defend yourself rest assured our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes will prepare you for both. Our black belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructors will guide you and encourage you to achieve your goals. If you are look-ing to become a MMA mixed martial arts fighter or someone who is just looking to get into the best shape of their life, simply call today and reserve your spot!  
Our Xtreme Karate classes are thrilling, exciting, and challenging. For those looking to compete on a national stage this program is for you. Our Xtreme Karate classes will guide your child to becoming a champion on the mat and a champion of life! Sensei Steven So is a 2-time world champion and holds 27 state titles. Call today to schedule a meeting with Sensei Steven So.  
In our adult martial arts class we teach traditional Kyo-kushin Karate and close combat self-defense tech-niques. Classes are heavily centered on preparing the mind, body and soul for success in martial arts and life. A heavy emphasis is put on cardio/fitness training and sparring/self-defense. We prepare adult students to obtain their black belt but also guide them on how to live a black belt lifestyle. Call today to meet with an instructor!  

What sets 5 Dragons Martial Arts apart from the average martial arts school is the addition of our inspiring and motivational Life Skills Training program. 5 Drag-ons Martial Arts students acquire more than just black belt kicking and punching skills: they learn the value of a black belt lifestyle, a lifestyle of quiet confidence, poise, and fulfillment.

5 Dragons Martial Arts students are taught how to set and attain goals, be their own greatest advocates and proactively pursue and achieve success in all as-pects of life.

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