Kids Martial Arts
Our goal is to offer the finest, professional Martial Arts instruction, and physical fitness programs available, in a fun and family friendly atmosphere, where safety always comes first.

Our classes teach focus, discipline, respect, fitness, as well as self-defense skills. Our children’s curriculum places a heavy emphasis on non-violent conflict and bullying solutions. Shortly after starting classes you will see an amazing increase our self confidence in your children. Often times this confidence alone makes a karate student less of a target for those who bully others. Children's Classes begin at age 3. All of our classes are divided by age to assure safety and age appropriate learning. Choose a class that best fits your needs and schedule a beginner’s confidence introductory class.

Karate is serious but we are not always serious - just ask the kids. We regularly have social functions, pizza parties, NerfWar events and movie nights. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of success and accomplishments, making sure all kids feel great about themselves as they make their journey towards Black Belt.

We make learning challenging as well as enjoyable. Not only do our students learn the most, they have the most fun too! Mom and Dad our goal is to build our kids from the "inside out". This means that our first goal is to build confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem.

Once our students are armed with these characteristics they will participate and apply full effort with the "Yes, I Can" attitude. We also understand your desire to have a child that will use common sense before using his or her skills for self-defense. Our students maintain a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy outlook on life. 5 Dragons Martial Arts builds strong bodies and strong values. We are proud to help parents develop children who value honesty, courtesy, respect for authority and the ability to say "no" to unhealthy peer pressure. Call us now to reserve your spot. Classes fill up quickly!
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