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Juston Root reviewed 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy
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Old-school, traditional Kyokushin Karate at its finest.

It's great to see my children learn respect, discipline, confidence, and self defense all at once.

Sensei Rick was very accommodating to the needs of our large family. Sensei Marc is great w/ the little ones!

Robert Archer reviewed 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy
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My whole family attends classes at 5 Dragons, and we enjoy it each week. Sensei, Deshi and the entire staff at 5 Dragons have been helpful in accommodating my kids needs, and we have all learned discipline and respect, while getting fit from the 5 Dragons' staff.

Amandla Hameed reviewed 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy
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Best decision I made this month was signing up for kickboxing classes at 5 dragons. I was having difficulty finding fitness activities that I could get in shape with AND have fun. These classes aren't easy, but you have a great time and feel great too! Rick is a fantastic instructor and I'm so glad I found this place!

Rich Robillard reviewed 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy
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My family discovered 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy Salisbury when we attended a Karate Birthday Party - we ran, did push-ups, broke boards and were completely won over by Sensei Rick and his staff.

Shortly afterwards we signed up our 4 year old and he has been in the program for almost three years, joined a few months ago by his older brother.
5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy supports my family's values. At school no explicit lessons are given on confidence, respect, focus....

My sons are now confident, respectful, good listeners and they are also great at breaking boards lol. They love attending 5 Dragons Kyokushin Karate class and practice at home often.

I have never been to another karate school, but from what I hear 5 Dragons Martial Arts Academy is different - the Life Skill Achievement Awards, Championship Level Instructors, and the teacher/student ratio (there are always at least 3 teachers per class), also make 5Dragons a special place.

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